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By thurti365 | Friday, February 08, 2013, 13:25

Quite apart from someone not understanding the rules of the apostrophe,  I am curious about this group that is sending leaflets out to residents in the Lake Grounds area (exact numbers are not known)and which is supported by the local Ward Councillor. The content of the leaflet refers to a 'survey' by the Ward Councillor about the skatepark application for the Lake Grounds that he has told the "Association" disputes the planning consultation results.  However, the council website is clear that a majority of residents supported the skatepark at the Lake Grounds.  Residents have asked previously for evidence of this personal survey by the Ward councillor who firmly apposed the application, yet the councillor has never been able to provide it to them.  Why not?  Residents in the councillor's Ward objected to not having received one of his personal surveys and not being able to voice support for the Wheels Park. The Ward councillor also refused to release details to a local resident as to whom he actually delivered his survey?  Why not?

Someone has asked legitimately if any resident or friend can join the association.  The answer to begin with was yes.  Then the Association was asked if anyone from outside the lakegrounds could be a member and friend?  The answer to begin with was again yes.  Then the Association was asked if anyone who supported the wheels park at the lakegrounds could be a member and friend?  Oh dear, the answer was "We have not yet decided on the set up of the Association".  Strange that because when asked at the beginning how long the Association had been going, a member quoted on the leaflet said, "It has been been in place informally for a little while".   When asked how to join, the member could not say. Strangely the member also reiterated that David Pasley was a "firm opposer" of the skatepark and the "Association" is meeting to discuss the town council meeting next Wednesday and how to tackle those in support of the skatepark. 

I am a supporter of democracy and from reading the skatepark/wheels park saga (I do not profess to be an expert), there is clear evidence the skatepark should win consent.  Bleating about the issue after the event and conducting personal surveys that are not open and transparent, is sour grapes. Conducting survey after survey just in the hope the outcome may change to opposition of the skatepark is appalling.




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    We shall defend our Portishead, whatever the cost may be. We shall never surrender and if, which I do not for a moment believe, this town, or a large part of it was starved of honesty, transparency and openness, then those beyond the seas in new Portishead and old including North Weston, calmed and guarded by those who love the town, would carry on the struggle until in good time the new Portishead with all its power and might steps forth to the rescue and liberation of the old.

    By thurti365 at 08:06 on 21/02/13

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    The Jewel in the Crown is Paste - pass it on

    By romeohotel at 09:52 on 12/02/13

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    Most Excellent comments I am with you all the way

    By johnstorm at 21:04 on 11/02/13

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    Same here Miss Stanley. All papework on surveys collated and ready. Speaker chosen. Independent lake grounds survey results in as well and passed to a trustworthy person. Feedback positive.

    We shall go on to the end, we shall fight for truth in the Folk Hall , we shall fight on the footpaths and pavements, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the High Street, we shall defend our right to speak truthfully and respectfully in our town, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches we shall fight on the lakegrounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the local hills, we shall never surrender to those who wish to spread incorrect information rather than the facts.

    By thurti365 at 19:42 on 11/02/13

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    For some reason my previous comment has disappeared. May I reassure whoever is concerned enough to want facts removed that I am more than happy to provide evidence of anything that I have claimed.
    I am posting now to reiterate my willingness and desire to meet with the Friends and Residents of the Lake Grounds group to clarify the situation, past and present. As said before we have common ground.
    North Somerset Council suggested looking at the Lake Grounds area for a skatepark site, their own officer reported to them that the current site under discussion was the prefered site and the deputy leader, after speaking with the leader of North Somerset Council, gave the go-ahead for a planning application to proceed. Whether supporters are angry that we are now being refused landlords consent, or opposers angry that the Lake Grounds was ever suggested, it is only fair that the anger is directed at those responsible not each other.
    If anybody wants evidence provided regarding any claims that I have made they are quite welcome to contact me.

    By liese_stanley at 14:38 on 11/02/13


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