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    I'm sure that once Morrision delivery lorries start using the narrow roads there will be many more missing wing mirrors. Why on earth was such a badly laid out development allowed through the planning process, cramped housing and narrow streets in an age when most families have two cars? Did the council planners actually study the plans before them at the time or were they blinded by the section 106 paymenst being offered, most of which has been frittered away on unnecessary schemes. it was interesting to read on the quargo website at lunchtime how theye refer to section 106 payments as legal bribes, it would explain why such ridiculous plans were passed.
    It troubles me that in the event of a major emergency in the marina area, emergency vehicles will be hampered by the parking situation.

    By Hillcran at 15:23 on 16/01/13

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    The Vale, Village Quarter, Port Marine......all these recent developments squeezing as much housing as they can legally get away with and reducing the road width into the bargain.....keeps Messrs Wimpey, Persimmon and Church profits right up there !! Cynicism aside, if you buy into property in these developments, then the owners/occupiers should use a few brain cells when it comes to parking outside of or adjacent to their property, and not park on the pavement, especially to the point of not leaving enough space for pedestrians (with pushchairs) or wheelchair users to get past. Scratched car panels and/or damaged wing mirrors seemingly fails to deter these moronic, selfish drivers as well. Incredible !

    By mlcbiker at 14:33 on 16/01/13

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    That deserves a fine blocking pushchair access what a plonker

    By jojomojomoto at 20:26 on 14/01/13

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    im not surprised by this. Try living in the Vale! So many inconsiderate drivers park across the pavements just because they want to park in front of their house. If you really wanted to park infront of your houses you should have bought a property with a bigger driveway.

    By sareena1978 at 16:05 on 14/01/13

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