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    This is what happens when you don't look after timber in a seaside setting.
    If there where a maintenance team looking after the equipment correctly then the equipment would have been painted every year.
    My dad runs a play equipment company that supplies new equipment and they offer cheap maintenance checks.
    We have tried to contact the council about the play equipment in portishead but have had no luck.
    With all the building work there will be section 106 money that the local authority should be using for play and parks.
    Im sure someone from the Portishead council would be able to access this money?
    Does anyone know who looks after the equipment at the moment?

    By KSW SERVICES at 15:51 on 12/12/13

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    Our wonderful lake grounds play area , the rest was much like this . lets not leave it to the Cafe people to keep this a great place, lets have some Council financial input please ?

    By dave20091 at 11:27 on 22/07/13

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