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    I agree with you Hillcran. While I enjoy immensely the marina area, I do think however it is now rather spoilt by the latest building development on the right hand side looking seaward and not enhanced by the soon to be completed buildings at the head of the dock behind the Quay Marina lock gate office. As one resident has said before, "no longer can one see the green hills beyond Portishead, nor can new Portishead see old and vice versa". The new Sixty8 building she calls the Barricade, which I think is quite apt. Driving in and out of Newfoundland Way and Phoenix Way is not a pleasant journey with the raised humps and feel of claustrophobia amidst the buildings. But amazingly someone was paid a lot of money to design this layout and the town's district councillors approved it.

    By thurti365 at 10:43 on 08/12/12

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    Shortly after moving to Portishead, a gentleman knocked on our door and sold us some old air photographs of the town from the early 1900's. What a massive change the town has seen in those passing years.

    By Hillcran at 09:12 on 08/12/12

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