Marina residents to voice anger at trailer plan

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By thepickler | Tuesday, March 09, 2010, 17:04




RESIDENTS at Portishead marina have launched a campaign to stop an ice cream and drinks trailer being put on the dockside.

People living at Port Marine say they are angry that developer Crest Nicholson has given the go ahead for trailer to be placed on the piazza area opposite the lock gates.

The trailer would operate from 11am to 7pm, seven days a week.

A final decision on whether the van and trailer, which will be powered by a generator, can set up at the marina lies in the hands of North Somerset Council licensing committee which meets later this month.

Residents have already launched a petition against the move and put up posters around the marina urging people to write to the council objecting to the plans.

They say they are concerned that the van will cause more litter in the area and that the noise from the generator will disturb homeowners.

The marina is already well served by hot food and drink outlets with The Galley cafe near the lock gates, The Lockhouse restaurant, the Ocean Cafein the boatyard and Me Me Chocolat and Jacks on the waterfront.

Residents are due to voice their concerns on the proposal at a meeting of Portishead Town Council on Wednesday night (March 10).

June Williams, 70, of  Lockside, said: "We already have outlets that sell ice creams and drinks, so why would be want another one?

"The litter bins have been removed after a disagreement about who empties them and rubbish is already a problem in the area and will only get worse if this is allowed.

"I am also concerned that the noise from the generator will also affect properties, some of which are only a few feet away.

"Parking in the area is already a nightmare for many existing residents and visitors and it is not difficult to imagine the additional problems this venture could cause."

Margaret and Norman Bennett, who moved to Port Marine five years ago, are also concerned about the plan.

Mrs Bennett, 66, said: "There are no public toilets on the marina and the nearest ones are at Wyndham Way.

"We are also concerned about the extra litter this ice cream van could cause because there are no bins in the area."

Jenny Williams, who has been running the Galley Cafe for the last six years, said the ice cream trailer would impact on her business.

Mrs Williams, a pensioner, said: "This van will only be a few metres away from my snack bar.

"There are plenty of food and drink outlets on the marina and I cannot see the benefit in having another one.

"It will not be selling anything different than I do and the first I heard about it was when the local residents told me.

"The bulk of my customers live locally and have all said they are very concerned about this proposal."

It is understood that an ice cream vendor set up on the site last year but was moved on after complaints from local residents.

Objections to the proposal need to be submitted to North Somerset Council by March 12.

A Crest Nicholson spokesman said: "Crest Nicholson has given permission for a drinks and ice-cream vendor to be sited at the Port Marine development. 

"This facility will serve the high numbers of visitors to the area and will be situated at the end of the Marina, at a distance from other bars and cafes in the area.

"The vendor already runs successful units across Bristol and this facility will bring additional employment opportunities to the area."




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    Well its Dave back. Just been reading the comments, interesting. No i am not the operator, no i am not angry, just sick and tired of people trying to stop stuff. None of these comments have offered one alternative solution, nothing positive nothing contributed, and THAT is the problem. Not here and not anywhere seems to be the thread.

    An ice cream van seems to be bringing a whole new service to me, i cannot get a 99 from jennies, waitrose, jacks, meme, the white lion or royal pubs or any where else as far as i can see. I would love the choice.

    Money says i dont get it!!!!!

    By suttssutts at 13:22 on 18/03/10

  • Profile image for gouldmark2

    What an interesting statement theoperator ( why are people not brave enough to use their own names?) we are all 'us'. What a flippant comment when you dare to look down upon an honest businessman who has offered to provide a service to visitors and residents alike and at a time when teenagers in the town are certainly being given the 'them and us' treatment.
    Put your own house in order before making such throw away comments, you may have come to live in the town to grow old and die and were stupid enough to be sold the Crest Nicholson/Persimmon dream but sadly the Port Marine Housing Estate was and is all about profitabilty for large developers and as we are all 'us' then why should the opinions of 100 people in the town have any influence over the other twenty odd thousand who eiether don't care about an ice cream van or maybe think it's a good idea.
    I honestly cannot see the Council planners letting the van be sited there anyway and if some people actually did grow up and consider that liklihood from the outset instead of instsntly throwing all their toys into the dock this discussion wouldn't even be taking place.
    And if we were all 'us' then why didn't our local authority representatives who I assume are also 'us' nip the plan in the bud, or are they subject to the them and us stigma also?

    By gouldmark2 at 20:11 on 14/03/10

  • Profile image for TheOperator

    Why oh why do we have this constant 'us and them' theme? Honestly, if Gouldmark 2 can't understand that we are all 'us' then there is no point to this website - it will do nothing for the community. As I said before, I spend a lot of my money here, having earnt it somewhere else. I choose to shop in the village, have my hair cut in the village, always stop for a coffee in the village. I know my neighbours both lived here for years before moving to the Marina because they love it there - end of story. We love it here.

    For goodness sake Gouldmark 2 just grow up and get over this 'us and them' attitude. It is so very puerile.

    This is for all of us, not just the villagers, not others, not the Marine dwellers, all of us.

    By TheOperator at 18:45 on 14/03/10

  • Profile image for romeohotel

    whoops, now we've gone and upset one of the "villagers" . Time to leave this noticeboard for a sensible debate elsewhere where points of view are not backed up by how long you've lived here just to add gravitas.  Enjoy your ice cream where ever you purchase it from.

    By romeohotel at 20:01 on 13/03/10

  • Profile image for gouldmark2

    "Those of us who live here are entitled to try to protect our area and the value of our homes."  What an arrogant and selfish attitude. My family have lived here for many years and if we had adopted your stance then most of the new developments which have cheapened the area for the sake of devlopers profits would have fitted that same category. I feel sorry for you if you go through life with the value of your home being a priority and your life comforts over riding others. I also fail to see what difference it makes that the ice cream vendor is not a Portishead resident as a lot of businesses in the town are also owned by people who do not live here. That statement simply makes me think that if it was a local resdient or a neighbour/friend of yours opening this business on your doorstep it would be acceptable.
    It has been the influx of too many new residents that have destoyed a lot of the character this town had so please do not preach about protecting 'your' area. Those are the type of flippant comments that seperate communities.

    By gouldmark2 at 15:23 on 13/03/10

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