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What do we want?
Double Yellow Lines in Phoenix Way!
When do we want them?
Now (before there is an accident or serious 'road rage' incident!


By andyh2000 at 19:12 on 22/11/11

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    Agreed Andyh2000!

    This is a total nightmare accident hotspot unfortunately waiting to happen.

    By NewToPHead at 19:14 on 22/11/11

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    The only issue is that the problem would be pushed elsewhere. I really really don't know why the developers built so much housing without enough car parking.

    Perhaps it time for some of the green areas (in the village quarter for example) to be reduced in size slightly to accommodate modern life.

    By NewToPHead at 19:18 on 22/11/11

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    I have seen two small car parks (originally servicing show homes) near Phoenix Way ripped up and turfed in the last couple of years.... these alone would have allowed off road parking for a dozen or more cars and they were not offensive - in fact they were nicely landscaped. I agree that a few more parking spaces would be the answer but suspect that the planners (living in their Lakeground mansions with protected views) will object! My kids would love a Skatepark in the Village Quarter too - Ho Hum!

    By andyh2000 at 19:30 on 22/11/11

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    Linking with a previous post I made about Harbour Road - a car park opposite the Harbour Road Health Centre could serve the Health Centre by day and alleviate parking problems on Phoenix Way during Evenings and Weekends! - Twenty or Thirty spaces would probably do it!

    By andyh2000 at 19:35 on 22/11/11

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    Andyh2000 - shame about the car parks. We really need this sort of thing more than ever.

    Portishead is a very pleasant place and quite affluent - with 2 car families being the norm. But quite alot of the new houses only have parking for 1 car.

    When recently buying our house in portishead we had to make the tough decision of having either:

    Less desireable plot with 2 car parking spaces; or
    More desireable plot with 1 car parking space.

    Dispite considerable protetest for 'he who must be obeyed', we felt complied to go for the plot with 2 parking spaces!

    Only time will tell if we made the right choice! :-(

    By NewToPHead at 19:38 on 22/11/11

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    I think alot of the issues are down to laziness. Would you beleive that most of the town houses on the straight of phoenix way (into the estate) have 2 garages with a parking space outside of each. That is 4 parking spaces, yet they still insist on parking on the road, and normally accross a crossing at that.

    By dottyandproud at 11:54 on 24/11/11

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    I used to live on the Village Quarter. A couple of years ago the Village Quarter Action Group organised a meeting between the public, police, council and developers to discuss parking issues. The developers made it clear Phoenix Way will NEVER have yellow lines as the road was designed to have cars parked on it as a "natural traffic calming measure". Of course in reality it doesn't work. Well you might ask, surely when its adopted by the council, they could put yellow lines on it; well as no one from the council bothered to turn up to the meeting, so their view was never heard.

    Unfortunately it will only be a matter of time before a child is injured or killed as they try to cross the road, to be confronted by a speeding car trying to make it in to the next space as they have no choice if no one lets them out.

    By nickgough at 13:27 on 24/11/11

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    Oh come on.

    Reading the comments, one would think that Phoenix Way was gridlocked and impassible for drivers. This is simply not the case. It is certainly true that the road can be busy at rush hour and drivers occasionally have to take it in turns to navigate pinch points. However, as a resident and regular user of this route, I would be flabbergasted if congestion on Phoenix Way added more than 30 seconds to anybody's journey time, even at the busiest times of day .

    Phoenix Way is not a main road. It is a residential street on which families live. It has been designed in such a way that residents can let their children play outside without fear of idiotic drivers putting them at risk by careering down it at breakneck speed in a race to the back of the traffic jam on the Porbury Hundred. The cost of this for drivers is minimal. All it requires is a modicum of patience, a bit of basic road sense and the ability to behave in a marginally polite manner when confronted by other road users.

    By Abbath at 21:46 on 30/11/11

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    The big problem is the lack of double yellow lines on Harbour Road outside Waitrose! People park on a bend in front of the turning into the waitrose car park and its a nightmare. People are just too lazy to walk from the car park across the road!

    By Carnie400 at 13:13 on 06/02/12

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    Your driving me around the bend Carnie400!

    Please please please go away! We new comers don't want you posting here on our new website!

    By StupidRespon at 13:22 on 06/02/12

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    Can we have double yellow lines and a chicane on Brampton Way maybe 3 and a 20 mph limit and public transport stay on Wyndham Way, please !

    By MDSHydroGeo at 19:07 on 06/02/12

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    Two words for it.....Lazy drivers....who just can't be bothered to park with due consideration for other road users. What I find hard to comprehend is why would anyone want to park their 'own' (ie not a company vehicle) on a busy residential road and risk being dinged, scraped or worse, when they could be a little more intelligent and helpful, and park off the road (not on the pavements which seems to be an annoying trend). Admittedly, some families have more cars per house than there is parking spaces, but come on, stop being selfish and dense, and park with a bit more consideration next time !!

    By mlcbiker at 13:47 on 03/07/12

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    "All it requires is a modicum of patience, a bit of basic road sense and the ability to behave in a marginally polite manner when confronted by other road users."
    By Abbath at 21:46 on 30/11/11
    Experience says the above are in short supply from many Portishead road users.

    By Alt_Voice at 15:13 on 03/07/12


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