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We understand that the council has put in place a budget to ensure that all street lighting in Portishead is repainted.

Our sources have confirmed that the council wants to move away from the traditional dark grey / dark blue colour schemes, and instead have something a little more brighter.

What colour would you like to see the lamp posts painted?


What would be your favourite shade to paint them?


By LampPostRefb at 09:39 on 02/12/11

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    It'd be nice if the ones in our road all lit up, never mind what colour they were ...

    By 3_2_1 at 14:07 on 02/12/11

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    Is this a wind up wasting mony repainting lamp post the blue must stay gets my vote

    By Iangrw at 18:28 on 02/12/11

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    What a typical waste of money! Why reprint them waky colours! You numptys!

    By WasteOfMonie at 20:22 on 02/12/11

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    Remember the bus stop saga, it was initially painted the wrong colour blue.
    But surprisingly the buses still managed to stop there to allow passengers who wanted to board the bus to do so, and those already onboard to leave.

    Nevertheless it ended up being repainted the correct of 'Portishead blue' at the whim of the councillors and at additional expense.


    By romeohotel at 10:21 on 03/12/11

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    I was just going to ask if this post was a wind up and then RH reminded me of the bus stop saga!!!!

    Will these muppets stop at anything to waste our money for their vanity projects!

    I don't care what colour the lampposts currently are, but please don't waste my money to repaint them at all!

    The council are, in my opinion, just total muppets who should do the decent thing and resign.

    By DaveDabe at 10:38 on 03/12/11

  • Profile image for TeenieBopP

    This is a joke, right?

    By TeenieBopP at 10:53 on 03/12/11

  • Profile image for ByeByeBaz

    Nope, fraid it's true!

    Apparently they think it will make them look dynamic if a lamppost is repainted from blue to red!

    Just about sums then up!

    By ByeByeBaz at 11:10 on 03/12/11


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