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The standard of courtesy and common decency seems to be dropping at an alarming rate; people are simply becoming ruder and ruder and there isn't really any justifiable excuse for it.

There are so many instances of folk just wafting through doors that have been held open for them without so much as a glance at the person being polite, let alone the acknowledgement and thanks it deserves. This level of ignorance isn’t just reserved for those on foot as people travelling in cars are equally as bad. If you flash your lights and / or wave someone through, more often than not there is not a flicker of recognition you have waited and allowed the other person to pass.

All it takes is a quick ‘thanks’, a wave of the hand and dare I say it, a smile, to acknowledge a polite gesture from a fellow human being. We should all make an effort to be more polite and set about correcting the current level ignorance out there.


By Appleman at 07:37 on 06/11/12

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    how strange how we all see things so differently, we have recently returned from living in France for 20 years, and are highly impressed by the 'politess' of car drivers around the marina area where we live, the vast majority are really polite, wave when you let them pass, and stop to let you pass also - motorists here even stop at zebra crossings, a rare event in France, as is waving or smiling at other motorists.

    By angiwitch at 20:36 on 08/11/12

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    I'm inclined to agree with both of the above comments, namely people here in the UK getting ruder (door opening reference) and overseas car drivers being worse than here (France as example cited).

    However, forget overseas and concentrate on the country you live in now. People do appear to be getting more ignorant and ruder, and not just the younger folk either ! Basic manners and social etiquette have deteriorated noticeably over recent years, as the selfish me, me, me attitude prevails in society.

    By mlcbiker at 13:34 on 16/11/12

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    We have reached our peak and its been down hill since the end of the empire.

    Still, it will be 2018 soon and our national debts will be stabilised so that might cheer a few folks up.

    By BS200 at 21:05 on 06/12/12


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