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Is this not a local issue ? affecting us? At least, Points West, Forestry Commission is obliged to look after Quantock A*** and will probably enforce the law and throw out all the wreckers and improve with Commission staff work, and expertise, to my knowledge Somerset CC has done nothing to assist Quantock in the last few years and the Hunt has raged across anywhere when it wants along with a few others. Commission has the law it can and will enforce and will protect against fire damage, you can get prosecuted for fires on Commission land I am not sure that applies so easily to A*** County to enforce. Commission do not only run trees, they run picnic sites, improved facility, parkland and quality Information Centres and Education. They also will now have total control on resources including water safety and any flood resolutions. That is as good as a Min of Ag advisory on farming and of course it is the same. They can also bring in National Parks. Quantock should become a big success with much better safety and development without damage, it also relieves Somerset of their local planning issues and should protect the A*** strongly. I guess people are mad at losing their personal local investment potential of the land as they have been doing whatever they want for decades, now over population of the area should be controlled as a park effect and as at Dunster quality improve which is impressive and it holds special events for the public of skills. Councils have great cost difficulties when trying to meet road and village and town issues, welfare etc. they will be glad to be able to hand that over. At least it should bring hunting to a complete conclusion. The moor edge might be better managed too. No more caravans and tents unless on a designated facility stop with correct access. Anybody else in North Somerset want to offer their park forest areas to The Commission, they do know how, as do US Parks.


By MDSHydroGeo at 19:29 on 05/04/12

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    A*** is A.N.O.B. or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there are many, some even around Cheltenham! on the edge of water disaster? that could have been stopped by 5 or ten years steady controls of hose use so reserves stayed up and what sense does it to make to allow business and irrigation use which does not access licenced abstract and uses tap water when every other is stopped, those are high consumption. Good for people to walk with water cans, much more restful. Better for the plants also.

    By MDSHydroGeo at 19:33 on 05/04/12


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