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Phoenix Way - Someone has started selling cars on the road at the entrance to Phoenix Way. This already busy and congested road is just not a suitable place to sell cars, particularly not adjacent to the Bus Stop. I took the first car on sale to be a resident privately selling their car but a second has now appeared - prices in the windscreen and an information page in the passenger window. As a resident of Port Marine/Ashlands I have to endure the selfish parking of the Phoenix Way residents every time I come and go from my home but this new addition to the problem just adds insult to injury.


By andyh2000 at 13:33 on 12/08/11

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    I couldn't agree more with you andyh2000 - thoughtless selfish parking all right ! Have you phoned the number advertised on the car to confront Mr/Ms Selfish ??

    As a resident of the Village Quarter, I am staggered that some residents actually believe parked cars on Phoenix Way contribute to road safety, by slowing down/impeding the traffic flow !!?? What about the Mums and their kids every day on the school run who try and navigate their way across Phoenix Way with parked cars in the way ? What on earth happened to people's common sense ??

    By mlcbiker at 20:44 on 21/09/11

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    Same ignorant crowd who have to park in the middle of the road to go to Jacks / Bottelinos. Those morons in Phoenix way have allocated parking spaces around the back of their houses, but are simply too lazy to use them. I hope that huge empty bus that drives through clips their motors one day.

    By Taxed2Death at 16:51 on 22/09/11

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    The parking on this road is a serious problem! Not only do people not wait when its not their right of way but people living here park right up to the corner of the first bend so it is impossible to see whats coming round the corner. I have had a bus scrape my car and drive off just because they could not be bothered to wait, and my wife has had a van reverse into her because they could not see round the corner and reversed in a fluster into her. Drivers seem to think that if there are no double yellow lines they can park on a corner and the police do nothing, even when cars park their whole car on the pavement.

    By LovePort at 15:56 on 17/03/12


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