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By gwalters110 | Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 16:59

TO OBJECT TESCO PLANS: NOwesthilltesco.com


This tescos express can not be given the go ahead on serious PRACTICAL  grounds - the highway and pedestrian safety issues from use of the car park access on a blind corner  - and the increase in traffic flow up west hill during peak times and school runs is all far too dangerous consequences from this type of trade at the site.



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    Ah good, in that case we agree.

    Just wanted to clarify.

    By Three2One at 15:03 on 12/02/13

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    Well done threetwoone for picking up on a typo rather than a point. The point being that the argument that most have used to insist that the town is not complete without another corporate image to sell inferior goods in shiney packets is as hollow now as it ever was. People will still buy meat products never knowing what they contain but that is all part and parcel of buying into the corporate hype rather than putting your own health and that of your children first. I read an article this morning that claimed a lot of dog foods have better quality meat products than what is sold for human consumption. dogs will eat what is put in front of them and people will eat what is sold to them through advertising. Another article I read recently confrimed that people spend more time considering which new electronic gadgets they ';need' in their life than where their food is coming from and why food produced so cheaply is so expensive to buy.

    By Hillcran at 14:27 on 12/02/13

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    "I don't doubt that Costcutters don't source their own stock from similar suppliers to Tesco"

    Don't doubt = do believe

    "I believe that Costcutters don't source their own stock from similar suppliers to Tesco"

    You're wrong if you think that, or otherwise confused by your own mixed up double negatives. Costcutter almost certainly use exactly the same kind of low-price mass-market factories to produce their processed foods. It's hardly a 'premium' retailer, instead a lower quality convenience store with an equally healthy mark-up on goods as Tesco.

    By Three2One at 13:20 on 12/02/13

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    I think the myth that gullible people have in this country that because a food supplier, whether that be Tesco, Waitrose or whatever have huge exposure and a vast publicity budget that they are indeed selling quality. they are selling into the weak minded who believe the hype.
    In France they have banned supermarkets from existing within the city limits to ensure that local raders are not in unfair competition with large coinglomerates who can underprice them by selling products where more epxense has gone into packaging than content. Local traders flourish in France and what they sell can be traced to source much easier. I think it says a lot about people whne they will continue to show their support for profit based companies selling very poor qulaity food stuffs, have created not only the demise of Britains local traders but have also reduced our great farming industry.
    I don't doubt that Costcutters don't source their own stock from similar suppliers to Tesco but to compare the two when neither have anything to shout about regarding what is actually inside the packaging is rather baffling. If you wnat to be 100% certain of what you are buying then use local traders who sell locally sourced products. Yes it may cost a few pennies more, and yes it is ever only pennies whether that be the differnce between Costcutter-Tesco, Tesco-Co-op,Waitrose-Sainsbury, we are always only talking about a few pennies. inverted snobbery makes people choose to shop at branded outlets, nothing more nothing less, and the recent horsemeat exposures have highlighted this to perfection and are probably just the tip of something far worse. These companies exist to make the biggest profit possible with indifference towar their customers health or wealth, local companies exist to make a living and supply quality food.
    Tesco will open, it will continue to sell low quality food in high quality packaging and people will still use it because people no longer think for themselves, they do what the adbertising tells them to do until it is engrained in their psyche. That is quite obvious by some of the comments left on here.

    By Hillcran at 11:48 on 12/02/13

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    Nemisis07- might want to cross spag bol off your shopping list as well it seems

    By liese_stanley at 09:19 on 12/02/13

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